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Beginner Orchestra

Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra is an orchestra for young violin, viola, cello and bass players in Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand. Members are currently aged between 8 and 13 years and have been learning for one year or more.

We rehearse once a week on Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm at Hillpark School, Manurewa. The orchestra runs under the Manukau Youth Orchestra Incorporated Society and is a pathway to the senior orchestra. Contact musical director Joseph Allan for more information or if you want to join the orchestra.

Concerts 2017

Our major concerts feature beginner students from our teaching programmes at Hillpark School, Manurewa Central and Waimahia Intermediate School - as well as our four main groups; Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra, Manukau Youth Orchestra, Manurewa Youth Symphonic Band and Manukau Youth Jazz Orchestra.

4pm, Saturday, 8 April, Hawkins Theatre Concert
4pm, Saturday, 17 June, Hawkins Theatre Concert
4pm, Saturday, 16 September, Hawkins Theatre Concert

Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra

The Manukau Youth Orchestra has run a several school and junior orchestras over the years since 2001 under the direction of Joseph Allan. In 2014 the MYO teaching programme in Manurewa schools became a full time operation which led to the creation of the new junior orchestra at the beginning of 2015. With several school groups and our two new bands (Manurewa Youth Symphonic Band and Manukau Youth Jazz Orchestra) it soon became clear the junior orchestra needed its own identity.

When looking for a new name for the orchestra conductor Joseph Allan turned to good friend and local leader and Rangi Mclean. The name means "The Craft for Youth Orchestra" and a wider explanation is provided as follows.

"Tipu te toi, ora te toi, whanake te toi, te toi i ahu mai mo nga taiohi o Manukau. Grow the craft, sustain the craft, and develop the craft, the craft bequeathed for our youth of Manukau." - Rangi Mclean 2015.

Rangi Mclean performs blessing of Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra.

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